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1.  The name of the organization shall be Three Star Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

2.  Itís purpose shall be to preserve life and property in the event of fire and/or other emergency, and to promote the prevention of such fire and/or other emergencies through fire safety education.  The fire department will cooperate with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) and other local/state/federal agencies.

3.  The organization shall be chartered by the State of Tennessee.

4.  The principal office of the organization shall be in or near the community of Almyra in Tipton County, Tennessee.  The organization shall also have offices at such other places as the Board may from time to time appoint or the purpose of the organization may require.




1.  The organization shall consist of a class of general membership, fire fighting membership, and ladies auxiliary.  The general membership shall consist of one voting representative of each residence or business within the fire management zone (hereafter known as FMZ) provided their yearly membership dues are currently paid.  The general membership shall not be restricted as to the number of members.

The fire fighter membership shall consist of that number of persons as determined by the Governing Board.  Prospective members of the fire fighter membership shall be interviewed and selected by the Chief and Assistant Chief and must be the age of 18 years or older.  They must possess a valid driverís license and have no felony convictions.  Active firefighters in good standing living outside the FMZ shall be considered voting members of the general membership and eligible to hold an office.

The ladies auxiliary shall consist of any and all women from the general membership. The primary purpose of the auxiliary is to raise funds on behalf of the Three Star Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.  The auxiliary shall elect its own officers and be self-supporting in all its projects.  The auxiliary shall follow the bylaws as set down for the general membership and submit an annual budget to the governing Board.

2.  The members of the Governing Board have the right to vote, are entitled to all rights, titles, and interests of the organization.  After a six month probation period, firefighters can vote in the general elections of the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief.  The right of a member to vote, and all rights, titles, and interests in or to the organization shall cease on the termination of membership.

3.  Any member may resign from the organization by delivering a written resignation to the President or Secretary of the organization.

4.  The annual meeting of the membership of the organization shall be held at the usual meeting place of the organization during the month of June of each year for the purpose of transacting such business as may properly come before the membership.

5.  Notice of time, place and date of the annual meeting shall be given not less than five nor more than thirty days before the annual meeting by publication of the notice in a newspaper having a general circulation in Tipton County, Tennessee.

6.  Special meetings of the membership may be requested by two or more Board members.  A meeting must be called upon receipt of a written request of at least five members of the general membership.

7.  Notice of special meetings shall be made in the same manner as provided for the notice of annual meetings.

8.  A monthly business meeting of the general membership shall be held the first Thursday of each month unless changed by the governing Board and notification is provided per item #5.

9.  Training meetings of the fire fighters membership shall be held as designated by the Chief.

10.  Monthly meetings of the ladies auxiliary shall be held as designated by the auxiliary officers and approved by a majority of its membership.

11.  At any general membership meeting, the presence of five or more voting members shall constitute a quorum.  The act of a majority of the members present shall be the act of the full membership.




1.  The governing Board of this organization shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Chief, Assistant Chief and the President of the Auxiliary.

2.  The governing Board shall be elected from the fire fighter members at the regular annual meeting by a majority of the general membership present starting in 1988.   However, positions of President, Secretary, and Treasurer may be elected from the general membership.  At the first meeting there shall be two officers elected for one year, two elected for two years and one elected for three years, unless the election is to fill an un-expired vacancy, in which event, it shall be for the remainder of the un-expired term.  The Chief and Assistant Chief shall be elected for a two year term at least one month prior to the regular annual meeting by the majority vote of the fire fighters and the governing Board present, after formal notification by the Sergeant at Arms.


3.  The President shall:            1.  Preside at all meeting of the general membership.

                                                2.  Exercise general supervision of the affairs of the


       3.  Prepare an annual budget and submit it to the general

     membership for approval.

       4.  Prepare an annual report of the status of the



4.  The Vice-President shall:    1.  Perform all the duties and possess and exercise all the

           power of the President at the request of the President, or

            in the event of the Presidentís absence or disability.

       2.  Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the



5.  The Secretary shall:             1. Have charge of all books, documents, and papers as the

            Board may determine.

        2.  Attend and keep the minutes of all meetings of the

             general membership and Board.

        3.  Keep a record containing the names alphabetically

     arranged of all persons who are members in good

     standing, both general and fire fighters, showing their

     place of residence.  The record shall be open for

     inspection to any and all members of this organization.

4.  Sign with the President in the name and on behalf of the

     organization any contracts or agreements authorized by

     a majority of the officers.

5.  Perform all duties incident to the office of a Secretary.

6.  Be subject to the control of the Board.



6.  The Treasurer shall:           1.  Keep a complete and accurate ledger and account of all

     financial transactions of the organization.

2.  Distribute a financial report to the membership at

     monthly membership meetings and file a report with the


3.  Be bonded in an amount as deemed necessary by the

     governing Board and the premium of said bond shall be

     paid from the funds of the organization.

4.  Or President shall sign checks by the organization that

     are for budgeted items.  Non-budgeted items must go

     before the board for approval.

5.  Assist the President in preparing the annual budget.

6.  Prepare an annual Treasurerís report.


7.  The Chief shall:                  1.  Be in complete charge of the tactical operations of the

     fire department.

2.  Be present at all fires, if possible.

3.  Plan and direct the fire fighting attack and operation.

4.  Appoint officers to direct the operations of their units at

     fires and drills.

5.  Submit an annual budget to governing Board.


8.  The Assistant Chief shall:     1.  Perform all of the duties of the Chief in the event of

        the Chiefís absence.

   2.  Assist the Chief in the discharge of duties.


9. The Sergeant at Arms shall:  1. Maintain order at all fire department activities.

                                                  2.  Insure that meetings are conducted according to

       parliamentary procedures (Robertís Rules of Order).

  3.  Preside over the elections of the Chief and Assistant

       Chief including notification of fire fighters and the

       Board of the election meeting.


10.  President of Auxiliary shall: 1.  Preside at all auxiliary meetings.

                                                     2.  Exercise general supervision of the affairs of the


                                                     3.  Hold regularly scheduled Auxiliary meetings (at

                                                          least 6/year) to organize fundraising activities.

                                                     4.  Organize the mailing of dues notices each year.

                                                     5.  Attend monthly general and board meetings of the

                                                          Association to stay informed of general business

                                                          of the Fire Dept and report this information back

                                                          to the Auxiliary members.

                                                     6.  Regularly attend and assist at scheduled



11.  Officers may be removed from office by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the member present at a regular or special meeting.  Any officer who has been proposed to be removed shall be entitled to at least five days notice in writing by mail to their usual address as shown on the official membership records of the organization and such member or officer shall have the right to appear before and be heard at such meeting.

12.  The election of officers or upon request of any five members, the vote on any question before the membership shall be by secret ballot.  A majority vote of the members present shall be necessary for the election of any and all officers and the transaction of all business of the organization.




In order that this fire department may function efficiently, the following rules and regulations shall be observed and it shall be the duty of all members to know them:

1.  It shall be the first duty to all fire fighters to give strict obedience to the lawful orders of their elected and appoint officers.

2.  Anyone reporting to an activity (emergency calls, training, meetings, etc.) under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal.  Anyone disobeying an order on the fire grounds will be subject to suspension or dismissal.

3.  Any complaint against a volunteer fire fighter will be brought before the Chief or Assistant Chief and if they cannot resolve the complaint, they will present it to the governing Board who will decide upon said complaint.

4.  The officer in charge at an incident shall complete as soon as possible an appropriate report as directed by the Chief or as required by state statutes.

5.  It shall be the duty of the Chief to insure that the information in the report, mentioned in rule 4, is recorded appropriately and reported as necessary to the State Fire Marshall.

6.  Each member of the department shall be responsible for his/her department-issued equipment and upon written resignation, shall return it to the fire Chief.

7.  No member of the department, except an officer acting on orders of the department, shall disclose to any person, not a member of the department, any business or other discussions which take place at official assemblies of the department.  Any member making such disclosures, which are deemed detrimental to the good of the department, shall be subject to disciplinary action

8.  After a six month probation period and thereafter, fire fighters can vote in the general elections of the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief.




The governing Board may appoint such committees, agents, and representatives of the organization with powers to perform acts or duties on behalf of the organization as the Board may deem fit and proper, so far as may be consistent with the intent of these By-Laws and to the extent permitted or authorized by law.




1.  No officer, representative, agent or member shall have any power or authority to bind the organization by a contract or an agreement or to pledge its credit, or to render said organization pecuniary liable for any amount for any purpose whatsoever unless they have the Boardís approval.

2. Checks of the organization in an amount decided on by the Board and approved by the general membership for expenses incurred by the organization may be issued by the President and Treasurer without approval of the governing Board.  The exception to this will be emergency repairs as deemed necessary by the Chief, Assistant Chief, or appointed fire officers.




1.  No members or officers shall receive at any time any of the net earnings or pecuniary profit from this organization.  This shall not prevent the payment to any member or officer reimbursement for reasonable expenses made by the individual in connection with this organization.  Such reimbursement shall be approved and authorized by a majority of the governing Board as outlined in Article VI.  No member or officer shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the organizationís assets upon the dissolution of the organization.

2.  All members and officers of the organization shall be deemed to expressly consented and agreed that upon such dissolution of the affairs of the organization, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, the assets of the organization, after all debts have been satisfied, shall be distributed, transferred, conveyed, delivered and paid over in such amounts, within the meaning of the applicable Internal Revenue Code, to such exempt organizations or units of government as a majority of the Board may determine or as may be determined by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction upon application of the Board.




1.  Dues for general membership in the organization shall be determined by the governing Board and approved by a majority of the general members present at said meeting when dues amount is presented.

2.  The responsible party shall be billed for the service rendered at all answered alarms.  Charges will be set by the governing Board.



1.  Fund raising activities shall be encouraged by the organization as enumerated in its application Charter.  Any fund raising activities whether it be by general membership or any person or group whatsoever shall be with the knowledge and direction of the governing Board of the organization.




Meetings of the fire department shall be conducted according to Robertís Rule of Order.  The following is a suggested agenda:


1.  Reading of minutes of previous meeting and action thereon.

2.  Report of sick or distressed members.

3.  Committee reports.

4.  Treasurerís report.

5.  Bills against department.

6.  Old business.

7.  New business.

8.  Chiefís report.

9.  Roll call (election at annual meeting).

10.  Adjournment.




Amendments to these By-laws may be made by a two-thirds vote of the members present on the third reading of the amendment, at the meeting of the general membership of this organization.









By-Laws Revised November, 2004