Three Star

Fire Department

Standard Operating Guidelines

and Training Manual

Revised May 2015



 The intent of this Standard Operating Guidelines and Training Manual is to provide an administrative, operational, and training framework to better manage emergency response personnel.  It is designed to create a systematic approach to teach and provide guidance for firefighting, emergency medical services, emergency operations, training, and all other activities of the Three Star Fire Department.  The objective is to ensure that all personnel are aware of the accepted administrative and operational guidelines established by the Three Star Fire Department to successfully run the organization through leadership and to extinguish fire and handle other emergencies that we are called upon to manage.  Proper utilization of this manual will improve firefighter safety by providing a better accountability of personnel, improved resource utilization, and increased tactical effectiveness through a knowledge based approach. Through training and application of this manual the Three Star Fire Department strives to better protect and serve the residents of the Almyra community, the Three Star Fire Management Zone, and all those entrusted with our care and expertise.

Chief Jon Piercey

Chief Jon Piercey


Mission Statement


Three Star Fire Department

The mission of this organization is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of our community,  the Three Star Fire Department Fire Management Zone, and our mutual aid response areas with high quality and consistently professional fire protection, rescue services, emergency management, and public safety programs.

We will accomplish this through a systematic delivery of education through fire prevention awareness, and proactive initiatives that focus on eliminating acts and/or practices that can cause fire.  We will provide properly trained personnel and working equipment to suppress fire, perform basic extrication functions, rescue operations, and provide emergency medical services.


Standard Operating Guidelines

Table of Contents


Section I              Administrative


            I-1                   Introduction

            I-2                   Chain of Command

            I-3                   Command Staff

            I-4                   Classification of Firefighters

            I-5                   Application Process

            I-6                   Conduct and Core Values

            I-7                   Discipline

            I-8                   Equal Membership Opportunity

            I-9                   Anti-Harassment Policy

            I-10                 Complaint Policy

            I-11                 Alcohol/Drug Policy

            I-12                 Department Confidentiality Policy

            I-13                 Media Guidelines

            I-14                 Attendance at Functions

            I-15                 Personal Grooming Policy

            I-16                 Uniforms

            I-17                 Fire Investigations

            I-18                 Privately Owned Vehicle Policy

            I-19                 Accident Reporting Procedures


Section II             Safety


            II-1                  General Safety Issues

            II-2                  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy

            II-3                  SCBA Policy

            II-4                  Respiratory Protection Program

            II-5                  Accountability Guidelines & Policy

            II-6                  Seatbelt Policy

            II-7                  Infection Control Policy

            II-8                  Safe Apparatus Driving Policy

            II-9                  Emergency and Non-Emergency Responses


Section III            Operations


            III-1                 Incident Command System

            III-2                 Responding to Dispatches

            III-3                 Apparatus Response Guidelines

            III-4                 Riding Assignments (Under Construction)

            III-5                 Hydrant & Drafting Guidelines

            III-6                 Fire Attack Guidelines

            III-7                 Ventilation Guidelines

            III-8                 Forcible Entry

            III-9                 Fireground Search and Rescue

            III-10               Vehicle Extrication

            III-11               Service Calls and Miscellaneous Fires

            III-12               Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)

            III-13               Ground Ladder Operations

III-14               Radio Guidelines

III-15               Mutual Aid Guidelines

III-16               Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)


Section IV            EMS Operations


            IV-1                 EMS Operations

IV-2                 First Responder Protocol (Under Construction)

IV-3                 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Policy

IV-4                 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Policy


Section V             Special Operations


V-1                  Hazardous Materials

V-2                  Confined Space Rescue (Under Construction)

V-3                  Helicopter Operations


Section VI            Training


            VI-1                 Training Requirements & Expectations

VI-2                 Required Firefighter Training

VI-3                 Required Officers and Chiefs Training

            VI-4                 Driver Training & Requirements


Section VII           Equipment Testing & Maintenance


            VII-1               Weekly Apparatus & Equipment Checklists

            VII-2               Equipment Testing Policy





            1          Definitions

            2          Explorer Rules and Regulations

            3          Emergency Apparatus Qualifications

            4          Competency Course

            5          Apparatus Qualification Sheets

            6          Vehicle Accident/Loss Investigation Report

            7          Hose Maintenance

            8          SCBA Maintenance

            9          High Pressure Breathing Air System Operating Procedures

            10        Infectious Exposure Form

Download a Firefighter Application 
Once you download and fill out the application, 
drop it by the fire station or give it to one of the Firefighters.
Download a Signature Page
Download a full Copy of the SOG's
Download a Apparatus Qualification Sheet
Download a Vehicle Accident Report
Download an Infectious Exposure Form
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