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2050 Sadler School Rd, Brighton, Tn. 38011

Phone & Fax - (901)-476-8183

Emergency - Dial # 911

Station Email -

Association President - David Nutting

Auxiliary President - Debra Barry

Fire Chief - Jon Piercey

Assistant Chief - Dave Hessling




Congradulations to FF/EMT Brandi Holland for recently completing a medical course to obtain her EMT License. She is an outstanding Firefighter and the community is fortunate to have her. Good Job FF/EMT Holland.



A big thank you to the City of Covington and the Covington Fire Department for donating all of their older MSA FireHawk Air Packs to Three Star. They received a FEMA Grant last year and were able to purchase newer ones. These are now in service and will provide Three Star with many useful years. We were able to donate all of our older ones to Charleston FD to replace their older air packs.



The Apparatus of Three Star Fire Department

Top picture from left to right

BT31. R31, TK31, E31, E33





Would you like to have an address sign installed in your yard? Click the link below, print the form and get it to us. The cost is only $15.00 and it really helps us locate your house in the event of an emergency. As you drive around the area at night, its easy to see how many of these signs we've already put out. They are a green reflective sign with white reflective numbers. Not only will it help us locate your house, but also the pizza delivery person!

Click this link for the form



Three Star Fire Department now has the ISO Rate of Class 5

Three Star recently went through a visit from ISO (Insurance Service Office) and was re-evaluated. We have been given an ISO Rate of 5. We were one measly point away from have a Class 4. A class 5 alone is very difficult to achieve. We did this by having proper equipment, thorough training and a motivated membership. When testing is done, it includes but not limited to hose testing, hydrant testing and water supply, proper training and documentation, proper equipment, proper communications, Mutual Aid Agreements, etc. It's a several day testing procedure.

 Basically, in the Fire Department world, it says we are doing everything we can properly. Very few fully volunteer Departments will ever see an ISO Rate this low.

You should contact your homeowners insurance to see if you might qualify for a lower insurance premium since this last inspection. Fire Departments are rated on a scale from 1 - 10, 10 being no Fire Department at all. There are very few Departments in the Country that are rated a Class 1. Class 5 will be the lowest we can achieve until we have paid Firefighters on staff.

Insurance Services Office
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To view the all of the Fire and Extrication Districts within Tipton County,

Follow this for Fire Department Districts link

Follow this link for Extrication Boundaries link


Thanks to Tipton County GIS for these maps



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